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D 3.1.3 - Tools for VR/AR representation of BETs



Starting from previous experiences in literature, the deliverable focuses on Virtual Reality

and Augmented Reality as a comprehensive State of Art of meaning, tools and methodology. In detail, the work identifies two types of approaches focused on the VR/AR tools: the BIM-centric workflow to derive VR/AR contents from a 3D BIM-Based modelling and the VR-centric workflow where the Virtualized environment derives from the real one by means of 360° photos and it is augmented with external information contents (CAD, BIM, digitalized paper documents, video, and so forth).

Moreover, the multiscale potentialities have been determined extending the workflows towards a 3D-GIS-based workflow aimed at the representation of BE according to their well-fitted scale of details. Due to that, the representation of BETs in VR and AR environments has been determined as a systematization of their main properties and relative opportunities derived by the described workflows.


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