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D 3.1.2 - Ontologies and BIM models for BETs description according to SUOD/SLOD

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The problem of architectural heritage representation in BIM-based model is a debated topic in literature. The complex and variety of geometry and features of existing buildings raise the issue of their representation, both in term of geometric model and information details.
Moreover, in the recent literature much attention is given to the organization of work-flow from the survey and data acquisition phase to the implementation phase, but mostly of them are focusing on single buildings or small aggregate.

In line with the global objectives of Be2secure research project, the aim of this report is to study and develops a method for BETs representation in BIM-based models , that include buildings, infrastructures and open spaces.
Considering the Level Of Detail (LOD) progression -introduced as standard in national and international regulations -and the interoperability for the information exchange, the authors develop a specific LOD progression for BETs representation, discuss the parameters implementation in Revit BIM software, and introduce the opportunity to develop a Property Set for the IFC interoperability standard.


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