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D 1.2.1 - Matrix of seismic risk conditions in BE



The present report deals with the discussion of the seismic risk of the BE with the aim of developing a seismic risk matrix that encompasses the three factors hazard, exposure, and vulnera­bility, for describing the risk condition of the open space under an earthquake. So that, it provides a broad SoA of the main ap­proaches adopted for assessing and managing the seismic risk highlighting positive aspects and limitations of each method, in order to identify which of them are more suitable for the aim of evaluating impacts on the BE.

The main purpose is to carry out a seismic risk as­sessment aiming at understanding of possible consequences of an earthquake in open space. The methodological approach pro­posed is focused on the assessment of an earthquake impact starting from physical damages of BE that may affect people living or standing in an open space. So that, the probability and the severity of increasing impacts of an earthquake oc­curring are described by hazard, vulnerability, and exposure parameters through two different matrices either related: the first matrix encompasses hazard (expressed in term of re­turn period) and vulnerability (classes of buildings or buildin­gs aggregates performed by specific methods) information in order to provide a qualitative assessment of physical damage (debris). The second matrix connects the human exposure, in terms of inhabitants and users of buildings and open areas with the possible damage scenarios resulted from M1, considering how physical dama­ges affect the safety of people and the emergency paths.


The outcomes of the M2 describe possible scenarios that may be useful to risk management, on the one side, for evaluating priority strategies of protection of human life and safety during an emergency, on the other side for iden­tifying necessary retrofitting interventions aimed at avoi­ding building’s failure and damage. The idea behind the “consequence matrix” is handling two key factors: robust­ness of BE and preparedness of community.

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