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D 1.3.2 - Current BE terrorism risk management and reduction strategies



This deliverable provides an analysis of the current RMRSs starting from the different classification provided by literature works, which can be mainly related to their orientation towards: target of the attack; type of attack; effectiveness in relation to the event time; implementation in the BE space; involvement of physical or management strategies.


Then, regulations and guidelines literature from different Countries all over the Word are analyzed by organizing the RMRSs according to four key factors in the BE: the physical elements in the BE, the BE layout, the access and surveillance system of the BE and safety and security management before and during an attack. The discussion of results evidences how the selection of specific RMRSs should depend on the possibility to apply it to the BE according to sustainability criteria. They include redundancy issues and human-centered aspects, by moving towards holistic methodologies that include the simulation of the emergency conditions. On these terms, this deliverable creates the bases for following activities while be combined to the risk matrix definition in D1.3.1.

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