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D6.2.3 – Report on case studies application of best strategies and their technical reliability



The results of WP4 about “Human factors simulation in BETs and definition of a related behavioral-based (B-based) resilience metric” and WP5 “Strategies for improving/designing resilience of BETs” are relevant for the selection and application of best strategies, identifying their technical reliability with the Built Environment and efficacy for safe human behaviour in case of disaster’s occurrence. In particular, KPI identified for SUOD and SLOD are calculated, in single and multi-risk scenarios and in pre and post-retrofit per each possible strategy in order to select the most suitable one/s for each case study, moving the KPI towards 1. The best strategies (D5.1.1) are applied; if KPI post-retrofit is near to 1 and the metric-based resilience is high, these strategies are selected as suitable. Best strategies and their technical reliability are shared through web-based Virtual Environments of each case study, through BS access point on each case study (D7.1.1).

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