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D6.2.4 – Technical specifications of a decision-making toolkit



Resilience assessment of real BE may follow the procedures defined in the BES2ECURE project, since the classification of the OS within the 9 identified BET until the selection of suitable mitigation strategies against SUOD and SLOD, as single or multi-hazard scenario. Apropos, a decision-making tool is provided in order to firstly assign a BET to the real BE, notify possible hazards’ combinations (according to statistical approaches and existing databases) and suggest the retrofit actions able to enhance resilience. In particular, the toolkit provides pros and cons about the application of solutions identified for the correspondent BET and the forecast range of KPI and metric-based resilience reachable after their application. In addition, virtual training tools are added to expert and non-expert users about the knowledge of BE elements and their correlation to risk increase and mitigation, and about the awareness of safe behaviours of different users’ profiles.

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