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The definitive BE S2ECURe book on SLOD risk assessment and mitigation is now available!

"Slow Onset Disasters- Linking Urban Built Environment and User-oriented Strategies to Assess and Mitigate Multiple Risks", is now finally published and available online at Springer!

The book provides an interesting overview of the Slow Onset Disasters (SLOD) in the urban built environment discussing potential strategies to assess and mitigate multiple climate change related risks. In particular, the book includes the developed methods for risk assessment and mitigation against air pollution and increasing temperature in the urban built environment, focusing on open spaces such as squares and streets.

The work represents the main results of the multidisciplinary activity carried out in the context of the BE S2ECURe project, and its authors are prof. G. Salvalai and dr. J.D. Blanco Cadena from POLIMI, and prof. E. Quagliarini and dr. G. Bernardini from UNIVPM.

You can have a look here:

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