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Selected paper at Colloqui.AT.e 2023 conference for BE S2ECURe contribution

The project is going to finish and summary works of the results have been preliminary presented at the Colloqui.AT.e 2023 Conference, Bari (Italy) 14-17/06/2023.

The paper "Making built environment safer in slow and emergency conditions through behavioural assessed/designed resilient solutions: results from the BE S2ECURe Project" discusses the whole research methods in correlation with its results, and it has been awarded as selected paper and presented at the conference by prof. Enrico Quagliarini, as project principal investigator, within the "Construction and Building Performance" section.

In addition the paper entitled "Behavioral design-based assessment and mitigation of multirisk in urban built environments: an application to typological historic squares", has been selected and published in the conference book. It provides D4.1, D4.2.1 and D5.2.1 insights based on the application of emergency simulation models in multi-risk conditions.

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