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The novel BE S2ECURe matrix for seismic risk of open space in historical areas

According to WP1 activities, a new open-space oriented matrix for seismic risk assessment in historical built environments has been developed according to the BE S2ECURe tasks and approaches.

Existing quick methods for hazard, vulnerability and exposure assessment are combined so as to ensure a rapid application to relevant contexts by both expert and non-expert technicians. The outcoming matrix considering the damage of buildings facing the Open Space is linked to its users' exposure. Then, the damage-exposure correlation provides a “consequence matrix” to assess and manage the risk of Open Spaces. The matrix results are organized to suggest robustness and preparedness strategies for the Open Spaces.

Results, based on and increasing the capabilities of D1.2.1 activities, are now available in the new research contribution entitled "Seismic risk of Open Spaces in Historic Built Environments: A matrix-based approach for emergency management and disaster response", which has been recently published in the international scientific journal International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction by Elsevier. The paper is available here.

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