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Users, Risks and Squares: new results just published!

According to WP3 activities outcomes, the multi-risk assessment in Built Environment (BE) of our historical cities is widely affected by factors concerning users' vulnerability/exposure and methods for their collection and organization into typological scenarios are needed.

A new paper on the matter has been just published on Cities, and is now freely available here . The paper is entitled "A new paper, entitled "Users' vulnerability and exposure in Public Open Spaces (squares): A novel way for accounting them in multi-risk scenarios". The work relies on the following main aspects:

  • The work provides a method to quickly assess patterns in users’ vulnerability and exposure in public outdoor spaces (POSs).

  • Users number and typologies over space and time are derived by intended uses and temporalities of POSs and facing buildings.

  • Key performance indicators characterize such POSs features in a general, daily and hourly manner.

  • The method is applied to a sample of historical squares of the Italian context as significant POSs.

  • Results offer typological POSs scenarios on users’ vulnerability and exposure for working days and holidays.

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